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Heritage Financial Group, Inc.
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Our Company

About Us

Heritage Financial Group, Inc. is a privately held management company based in Elkhart, IN.

Heritage Financial Group manages businesses in several states in industries including real estate property management, automobile sales and third party collateral secured financing.

Our Core Values

  • Growth-oriented – both personal and company
    • Look for ways to grow in your personal life
    • Look for ways to help the company grow
    • Actively participate in change
  • Driven to do whatever it takes with integrity
    • Decisions backed by Christian principles
    • Identify the obstacle and a recommendation to overcome the obstacle
    • Do the right thing
  • Committed to individual and team success
    • Take ownership of performance
    • The team is strongest if everyone works together
    • Be excited to help others
  • Compassionate, caring and community-minded
    • Live and work by the Golden rule
    • Use talents and treasures to have positive impact on others
    • We are blessed, let’s bless others
  • Takes ownership of responsibilities and results
    • Don’t blame others
    • Learn from mistakes
    • If you don’t make a mistake, you’re not trying hard enough

The Heritage Financial Group is located in the restored Lexington Building.  The former YWCA was built in 1918, in the Arts and Crafts Style.
Recently discovered documents link the building’s architect, E. Hill Turnock, to the influential Chicago School of Architecture and Collaboration with Frank Lloyd Wright.
The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.