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Human Resources
Human Resources


Health and Wellness

Heritage Financial Group, Inc. offers healthcare benefits to eligible employees and their dependents. We pay a portion of the monthly costs and your portion is paid with either pre- or post-tax dollars through payroll deduction.

401(k) Plan

Heritage Financial Group, Inc. provides both a traditional and Roth 401k contribution plan:

Time Off

Heritage Financial Group, Inc. recognizes the importance of having time off whether it is for leisure, or taking care of personal issues or a disability.   The company offers the following paid time off to eligible employees:

Career Development

A key part of our culture is to encourage continuous education. Heritage Financial Group, Inc. offers tuition reimbursement for approved coursework at an accredited institution of higher learning.

Events and Activities

At our Elkhart location we offer daily informal exercise activities.  Heritage Financial Group, Inc. also encourages community activities to make a positive impact.  We have partnered with Acts of Service for a greater impact in each of our communities whether local or remote.

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